My Purpose in Life …


I’ve just had a lightbulb moment. In a flash, I found my life’s purpose.

I can make any woman stylish

Well, I suppose that’s not technically true.  I can’t make you do anything.  But I do believe that every woman has the potential, and the ability, to be stylish.  It’s so much easier than you think. And I’m going to try to teach you how to do it.  Trust me.

You are unique

Every woman is different, and yet we tend to dress very much the same.  There are loads of sources available to tell you what is fashionable at the moment, or to tell you how to dress like a celebrity. There are any number of stylists out there to give you THEIR sense of style.  I have my own style, and I have no intention of imposing it on you.  Because you are not me.

I hate fashion

Let’s be clear: I love CLOTHES.  I love DESIGN.  I have a passion for the history of fashion.  But I have serious problems with the fashion industry.  I literally cringe every time I hear the words “on-trend.” Let’s face it: the fashion industry is occupied with selling as many clothes as possible, with convincing you that you HAVE to have something.  The fashion industry doesn’t particularly care if you feel comfortable or confident, just that you buy stuff.

The terrible irony

Ever since my near-total rejection of the fashion industry mainstream and developing my own personal style, I appear to be one of the most fashionable people around.  I can’t explain it… maybe they’re following me.  Last fall I went into Zara and it was like they’d stolen all my ideas.  Same with Topshop this spring.  It actually really annoys me.  The point I’m trying to make, however, is that fashion is irrelevant.  None of the world’s most “fashionable” people actually FOLLOW fashion – they CREATE it.  So don’t be afraid to do your own thing.  If it looks good on you, people will copy it.  And isn’t that the sincerest form of flattery?

Who IS this crazy person?

I am currently a 40-something stay-at-home mother-of-two, but previously I have been an actress, costumer, chemistry student, lingerie store manager, mobile phone software tester, and generally unfulfilled style victim.  Looking back at my life, I can see that I was “styling” people long before the term was invented, as early as the mid-1970′s.  It took a very long time for me to develop a personal style, and even longer for me to realize that I can teach other people how to do it, too.  Lucky you, you got here right on time!

My Philosophy

Let me take a moment to clarify a few terms I’m probably going to be using a lot:

  • Style Revolution For at least the last 25 years I’ve heard women tell me they don’t have time to pay attention to clothes, because they don’t have time/money to “read those fashion magazines.” Fantastic! Then your ideas about YOUR style will not be tainted by whatever monstrosity the mainstream fashion media has decided to flog.  Style is timeless. In many ways, style is the opposite of fashion.  Oh, don’t get me started!  The point is, stop making apologies for yourself, and start embracing -and expressing- who you really are.
  • Style Distillery This is something I’ve just learned is apparently unique to my brain – feed it some random bits of information and it nearly instantaneously spits out a cohesive style blended from them.  It’s kinda like that scene from “A Beautiful Mind,” but with clothes.

Let’s see… Edwardian… Cherokee… Audrey Hepburn… I’ve got it!


So that’s pretty much it.

Free style advice, from someone who loves your quirkiness, doesn’t care that you’re a size 20, or that you only wear tennis shoes, or that you don’t have any money.  What could be better?  I don’t care if you’re a tomboy, or a hippie, or an 80-year-old grandmother.  Every woman is beautiful in her own way, and we deserve to show that delightful uniqueness on the outside as well.

Unless you want to wear socks with sandals.  That’s where I draw the line.


Oh.  You want to know what I LOOK like?  To make sure you’re not taking advice from some complete nutter?  Fair enough.  I’ll be posting lots of photos of myself in future posts, but here’s a photo which will either reassure you or send you running for the hills…


Yes, that’s me. In a poofy pirate shirt, a massive African beaded bib necklace (inside the shirt), and a 1930′s fur hat. This is why I need pictures, because the words make it sound so silly.


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  1. I am actually feeling a tiny bit of your style-infringement pain right now! Two things I love that appear to be Of This Moment are: (a) brocade/jacquard, especially metallic (i.e. the cigarette pants I found on the clearance rack at Topshop, matte black with metallic red/gold/silver Turkish-looking florals, that I wore to work all winter despite Quasi-Boyfriend’s incredulity that I would wear such a bright shiny garment to work at my law firm), and (b) KELLY GREEN! super-saturated basic Crayola “green”! my favorite color since I was 4! and it is everywhere all of a sudden! (The Pantone color-of-the-year “emerald green” is actually too blue-heavy for my liking; I prefer my greens to be just barely on the yellow side.) But I view this phenomenon as more of a happy coincidence than a sign of particular style intuition on my part…

    • Of course I’m joking when I imply any sort of fashion ESP – it is pure, dumb luck. So, like you, I’m buying up all the op-art prints, the tribal and neon jewellery, the midi skirts and dresses, the studs and skulls, the cobalt blue and yellow I can – and I plan on wearing them for years after they’re passé.

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