A Lesson Learned from Flower Arranging

In yesterday’s post (You Suck at Getting Dressed), slide 9 mentioned a tip gleaned from the art of flower arranging.  I had actually already done a Polyvore set to illustrate this point, so here you go!

For whatever reason, the human eye likes to see things grouped in odd numbers.  In flower arranging, this means that against a background of green leaves, you should use 3 or 5 red roses, rather than 2 or 4, and they should be arranged at different heights to form a roughly triangular shape amongst the other flowers.  In interior design, this is why you always want to group 3 or 5 or 7 objects in a group (e.g. candlesticks or picture frames).

This same principle applies to accent colors in an outfit.  The easiest way to add interest to an otherwise lifeless outfit is to add an accent color and repeat it an odd number of times (1, 3, or 5… 7 is overkill).


accents are best in odd numbers

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on “A Lesson Learned from Flower Arranging
One Comment on “A Lesson Learned from Flower Arranging
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