School Run Outfit: 17 June 2013

Photo on 17-06-2013 at 09.26

Today’s outfit was thrown on in five minutes as my friend who normally takes the kids to school on Monday mornings had a home emergency, so after barking at the kids to get dressed and gathering bookbags and lunches, I had just enough time to throw on sunscreen and powder and a vintage slip under a Desigual-style T-shirt dress (from T.K. Maxx, only £14.99).  The dress is much-loved and starting to show it.  It has also committed the cardinal sin of shrinking enough to expose my dreaded knees.

The shoes were chosen because I literally tripped over them when getting out of bed, and they’re neutral.  I got them at 80% off from, with the intention of experimenting with painting/dyeing/embellishing them, but they turned out to fit perfectly and are such excellent quality that for the moment I’m leaving them as is.  I hadn’t yet made room for them in my shoe cupboard and this was a good opportunity to test their comfort level (short time commitment, variety of terrain and pace – driving, walking, trotting, on pavement, road, and spongy playground stuff – verdict: so far, so good!)

The green lacy cotton beret is NOT covering up bad hair for once, but is there because a) it turned out to be a windy and cold day, and b) I didn’t have enough time for makeup and this color brings out my eyes and makes my skin look nice.  Doing the French thing, I just added some dark red lipstick in the car at the stop light (clarification: wearing no makeup but bright red lipstick is a French thing, applying it in your car at a stop light is an American thing.  Call me multicultured).

On a whim (because I can’t leave the house without ANY accessories) I popped on a gigantic geometric green carved-wood ring from the V&A gift shop (one of my favorite places to find cool jewelry at reasonable prices).

As it’s a blustery day, I’ve topped it all off with my acid-yellow coat (by Betty Barclay, snatched up second-hand off eBay for about £15) and the matching cross-body bag by Karen Millen (also off eBay, but not such a steal at £75, new).  The fact that they exactly match is down to pure, dumb luck (well, sort of.  I have a good eye for color and I was looking for things in this greeny-yellow).   It’s unusual for me to wear the same coat and handbag for so long, but I’m really enjoying these, not to mention getting my money’s worth out of them.  The thus-far unpredictable summer weather has resulted in frequent cool dark days, and it’s nice to have something bright and cheerful to throw on.  Bonus: it disguises the shortness of the skirt and the fact that I couldn’t be bothered to iron it!

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