School Run Outfit 20 June 2013

Oh, you lucky people.  Today you get a DOUBLE post!  Turns out that what I wore to drag small children around this morning is a good illustration of mixing it up in the rule of threes, so you get the bonus of a real-life example.

Today, I’m wearing the pained expression of a woman who needs to go home and eat her breakfast in peace and quiet.  I’ve paired it with the crazy yet very comfortable trousers I bought at Dorothy Perkins on a whim one day.  Yes, I know they’re not the ideal style for my shape, but they’re not terrible, they’re fun, and they’re ridiculously comfortable.20 June 2013

The shoes are by Costume National. I picked them up for 75% off at  I’m also wearing a basic long-sleeve T in cobalt blue from Matalan, a lightweight black wool jacket by Max Mara, and a customized tribal fringe necklace from New Look (the blue was half price and is now sold out, but the yellow version is still available).  I did some customization on this necklace, and it should be making an appearance in an upcoming post on easy ways to personalize items.

My final touch is a big black and pearl ring, which was a steal from my online shopping binge.  And of course there’s my seemingly ever-present yellow Karen Millen cross-body bag.

The clever among you, or those who can count, will have noticed that I’m breaking my own rules with this ensemble.  Let’s see… there’s one pattern… two patterns… a bright color… a multicolor textured necklace… and yet another bright color… so that’s… uh, FIVE different elements?!?

WHY on earth would I tell you about a rule and then immediately demonstrate how I’ve broken it?  That’s just how I am.  I’m a loner, Dottie.  A rebel.

The truth is that:

1) I live in London, which is probably second only to Tokyo in acceptance of individual fashion choices – and I would be a fool not to take advantage of that.

2) My personality is bold and a bit tasteless, and I like for my clothes to reflect that.  I spent a large part of my adult life worrying about being elegant and tasteful, and it gave people the wrong impression about me.

3) The necklace, even though it has texture (fringe) and multicolored crystals, actually blends quite well because it’s mostly black and blue – colors already present in the outfit, so for MY standards, it doesn’t really count as an extra item.

4) The handbag is simply the one I’ve been carrying for months, because I’ve still got too much stuff piled on the chest containing my other bags so I can’t get to them.  That said, I really like the way the yellow sets off both blue and black-and-white.  It’s the one TRULY eye-catching, contrasting item in the photo.

So, I think it works, although I’ll readily admit this look isn’t for everyone.  But then that’s the point.  I really, genuinely, don’t want for anyone to dress like me.  I just want for you to try something new, to be a bit braver, a bit bolder, and a bit more individual in your choices.


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  2. I actually love the lime cross-body bag. I have several little ones that fulfil the same “popping out for a minute” role. They’re absolutely necessary. And the colour works with all the clothes combos I’ve seen you post in the past months!! Good choice :)

  3. Love the shoes and the jaket, I have something similar but in black, both the shoes and the jacket. I could not wear those trousers as I have genuiely short legs(my upper part of the body is longer than average)but per ansemble I like it:)!

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