You Suck at Getting Dressed: an homage

A friend recently posted a link on Facebook to a slideshow called “You Suck at Powerpoint” by Jesse Desjardins.  I thought it was very funny, and well-written, but it also struck me that many of the principles it covers also apply to getting dressed.

So naturally this led to me staying up until 4am obsessively composing my own version on Polyvore.  What, like you’ve never done that.  I hope you enjoy it!*


1) Before anyone complains, NO I do not really think everyone else sucks at getting dressed.  Sometimes I suck at getting dressed.  I borrowed the title from the original, lighten up.

2) NO, I don’t expect everyone to plan every single thing they wear days in advance.  But knowing how to do it is a useful skill and it’s a nice goal to have.  Just because you don’t actually eat 5 fresh fruits and vegetables every day, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try, and it doesn’t make me a nutritional Nazi to suggest that it’s still a good idea.


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  3. Good point you have here! And I totally agree with you because trust me, were I live, I see many times little herds with girls wearing the same style T-shirt/trousers/dress or any item that is ”on fashion” at the time, they lack of self esteem I guess, I mean it’s not important that you are wearing what you saw and liked it’s how you wear it!They seem to wear it with either the same item they saw or especially if they’re friends ,you will see something that is closed to a football team uniform, and I think sometimes they look like brainwashed:)) all wearing same clothes in group:)),
    But that is how it always been, I broke up with a friend because I refused to wear her style of clothing:)) it must be something in the air:)) I think it’s called stupid…
    PS: Very neat point of view you put up here!

    • Wow… you had to break up with a friend over CLOTHES? That’s sad. I can’t imagine anyone taking clothing that seriously. The truth is that most people just want to belong, and dressing can be part of that. Other people just don’t care, and that’s fine, too. Whatever your approach to clothes, it shouldn’t be worth losing a friend over. But if someone insists you conform to THEIR ideals, then yeah, you’re better off without them.

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