One of my favorite pastimes is people-watching.  Well, in my case, it often turns into people-styling.  In my head, at least.

I remember sitting at a posh London hotel, observing a lovely young woman walk in with her date.  She was very attractive, had a great figure, and was well-dressed… but she was wearing the most boring shoes I’ve ever seen.  I wanted to take away her sensible mid-heel black pumps and put her in some funky ankle boots.  “You’re young, pretty, and in London.  Don’t ever wear anything your small-town grandmother would wear to church!”  This change alone would make her look cooler.  Then I’d put a yellow belt on her dress.  This second step would take her from “cool” to “showstopping.”  It would have taken very little money, no extra effort, and the ankle boots could have been MORE comfortable than what she was wearing.


OMG! That outfit is so boring!

The truth is that most women do a perfectly competent job of dressing themselves.  But the biggest mistake I see people make is failing to add drama.  They stop JUST short of the step that will make their outfit most memorable, most striking.

In my experience, that one step is usually the one they’re too afraid to make.  The truth is that the style choice that scares us is probably the one that we most need to make.

The sad part is that, in my opinion, this is the EASIEST part of dressing.


How easy is it?


it's easy to add drama to an outfit
Everything in this set is under $100, most of it under $50!


I could literally do dozens of these.  Accessorizing is my favorite part of getting dressed.  It’s the part where you get to REALLY express yourself.  And yet it’s the part that most women skip entirely.

Would you like more examples? Tell you what – leave me a comment if you’d like to see more like this, or leave a description of an outfit you’d like me to give this treatment and I’ll see what I can do.

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