Pattern Magic

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about sewing.

Today I want for you to think about the patterns and shapes present in the clothes that you wear.  By recognizing and repeating these patterns, your outfits will magically transform into The Stuff of Wonder.

Do it wrong and you’ll look like an extra from Cirque Du Soleil.  Do it properly, and you will look amazing, but people won’t be able to say exactly why.


First, how NOT to do it:

too much of a good thing


This is actually a GREAT look for a party.  Or Halloween.  Or if you’re playing the kooky neighbor in a local amdram comedy.  Or if you ARE the kooky neighbor in some new reality TV show.  But it’s NOT a great look if you want to be elegant or subtle.

(PS. Nothing in that set is over $50 – click on the photo to go to Polyvore to check everything out!)


Now, how to do it properly:

When you look at your outfit in the mirror, do you see geometric shapes and straight lines, or do you see soft curves?

If you’re wearing a jacket with sharp shoulders and angular seams, don’t pair it with soft, loose trousers.  Keep the rest of the outfit crisp and angular, too.  Don’t wear circular or curved jewelry. Wear simple, modern pieces with straight lines.  Wear shoes with wedges or stripes or straps to echo the lines.  Carry a structured or geometric handbag.

If you’re wearing a soft, full dress with swirly patterns, then wear earrings with swirly, circular, organic patterns.  Use the handbag with softer, curved lines.  Wear it with shoes with rounded toes, or circular buckles, or curved heels.  Wear it with the round ring, rather than the big square.

The secret to doing this well is to be thorough without being obvious.

Good luck!


repeat shapes and patterns to create harmonious echoes


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  2. Everyone is “kind of” fat. Patterns used well can actually break up the appearance of the body. What you want to avoid is small patterns. Large prints are great on larger people – just yesterday I tried on a long slinky black dress with giant red and purple flowers on the upper body and across one arm. Logically, it should have shown every lump and bump, but it looked really good. Asymmetrical prints can fool the eye that way.

    You’re giving me lots of great ideas for new posts, keep up the good work!

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