CRAFTACULAR! How to make a cool hair band using old junk jewellery (video)

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Here’s a little hair band I made a while back which I’ve come to adore. I wear it all the time.

It’s SO easy, and the results are so great, I thought I’d share a little tutorial with you.

Most of us have some jewellery lying around which we don’t wear but can’t get rid of, for many reasons.  This video will show you how to take some of that junk jewellery and turn it into a pretty satin hairband.  If you can sew on a button, you can do this:

To summarize:

1) Get a fabric-covered head band.  You can find them at Claire’s accessories on on eBay for about £1/$2 each.  Get one in a color to match your hair, so you can wear it with everything. (Note: you can also do this with an elastic hairband, if the stiff ones give you a headache).

2) Dig out your old junk bits – old sparkly brooches and earrings work great.  If you have some old ribbon or fabric flowers from old hats you can use those, too.

3) This is a GREAT way to preserve old brooch and earring sets.  Please don’t damage them or separate them.  They will get rarer and rarer in the future.

4) Find the best combination of materials, and look in a mirror to determine the best placement on the band.  DO NOT CENTER IT!  Things perched on the top of your head almost always look dorky, unless you’re the queen or you’re getting married.  Also, no-one looks at the top of your head.  Somewhere between the top of your ear and the crown of your head is best.

5) Pin the items in place if necessary.  Stitch in place with thread matching the hairband, trying to keep the stitches behind the jewellery (or around the stones).  Make sure the items are stitched well enough that they don’t flop around or wiggle.

6) Enjoy the compliments!



For those of you who CAN’T sew on a button, or even if you can, but you have the problem of the thread pulling through your work because your knot is too small, here’s a demonstration of my mother’s trick for making a good hand-sewing knot:

FYI, on rewatching, I realize I said “if you’re one of those WOMEN who say they can’t sew on a button…” oops.  For the record, MEN should also, and especially, know how to sew on a button.  I do NOT think that sewing is a skill meant just for women.  I do, however, think that ornamented satin hairbands are just for women… with the exception of a few very special men.

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