Longer Legs WITHOUT high heels!

Last week a friend, who happens to be quite petite, asked me for advice on how to lengthen her legs without wearing high heels.

The answer is quite simple, and applies to every body type:


That’s pretty much it.  If you’re bare-legged, you should wear shoes that match the color of your skin.  Otherwise invest in plenty of tights the color of your shoes (if you ask me, tights are fashion’s greatest unsung heroes.  They lengthen legs, hold in tummies, AND keep you warm. I have a large drawer that’s nothing but tights).

Leg-lengthening without heels


Additional tips:

  • Keep your clothing sleek and tailored.  You want to draw the eye up and down, rather that out, so avoid full skirts and trousers.  This is especially important if you are petite.
  • Shoes with pointed toes can visually add an extra inch of leg length.  They can be excruciating in heels, but not so in flats, so they’re worth trying.
  • Dressing head-to-toe in one color can be extremely lengthening, slimming, and elegant.  It can also be VERY boring.  It’s important to wear accessories with extra zing - a pop of color, a bit of pattern, or a rich texture.
  • You CAN wear prints, just match the shoes and tights to the dominant/background color of the print.
  • If you are wearing a brightly-colored dress, you don’t have to match the tights and shoes to the dress – doing that can look cool, but it can also make you look monolithic.  Usually the best option is bare legs/nude tights and those all-important flesh-colored shoes mentioned earlier.

Note: Almost all of the items included above are under $50/£30!  I went as high as $225/£150 for a couple of the coats and boots, but in each case I think the items warrant a little extra investment.  I’ve also included 3 different shoe options for each look. Please click through to Polyvore to view the details.



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