Dana’s Drag Scale: how drag queen are you?

So, in case you’ve been ignoring my posts lately, I’ve been binge-watching all 5 seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix. Lordy, I am hooked.


That’s me on the left.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I could throw something together from my wardrobe right now that would give those queens a run for their money. I always said that if I didn’t give birth to a girl, I’d better have a drag queen, because somebody is inheriting these clothes.

As you may recall, I’ve experimented with many looks in my life, from androgynous nerd to teenage Venus to executive wannabe. Thank God I finally found my comfort level – somewhere between sci-fi B-movie, Hollywood glamazon, and bag lady.

Obviously 3-inch wedge heels, vinyl raincoats, and vintage fur collars on the morning school run aren’t for everyone. However, I remain convinced that every woman¬†can take some level of inspiration from our sister queens.

“What do drag queens have that I don’t have?” I hear you ask.

Well, let’s avoid the obvious answer to that question and move on. The important answer today is that drag queens know how to enhance their bodies and make a dramatic statement with their clothing.

If your outfit feels a little too blah, maybe you just need a waist-cinching belt or some sparkly jewellery. A little drag goes a long way. Just make sure that you stay in the middle of the scale.

By the way, every single item in this set is under $50 (£30). Click the link to Polyvore if you want to see any of them in greater detail or even order online!

Dana's Drag Scale: how drag queen are you?


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  1. On behalf of Queen Anne I humbly offer you my blessings and gratitude, lovely style dominatrix. All Hail Danamatrix!

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