About Me

Hi.  This is me.


I’m a forty-something American who’s lived in London since 1999. I have been an actress, a costumer, a chemist, a lingerie saleswoman and bra fitter, a retail manager, a mobile phone software tester, a jeweler, a fascinator craftswoman, and a stay-at-home mum of two.

I’ve recently experienced that lightbulb moment, when all of my experience, talents, and acquired skills have converged to present me with my calling in life. And here it is! a humble blog. I’ve spent my life pursuing various styles, adapting to my changing body and lifestyle, and I believe I’ve developed a system to help every woman discover her own, completely unique style.

So the goal is to turn you into your neighborhood style icon. Failing this, you’ll at least get to laugh at pictures of me looking dorky or fat, and maybe along the way you’ll get some helpful tips to make getting dressed easier and more fun.

Let me know how I’m doing! Please leave a comment or visit and “like” the Facebook page:  DanaForlanoStyleMentor




PS.  My amazing icon was designed for me by my dear friend, high-school hijinks partner, retro icon, artiste extraordinaire, and small diary author Delaine Derry Green.  Please visit her website and show her some love:



more to come!

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